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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Updates: Long Overdue

Okay, here's a brief update:

  • Yes, we're still meeting!
    (On Saturdays from 4-6 p.m. during Lent; keep an eye here for Holy Week services for next week)

  • Yes, we're trying to figure out where God wants us to go next
    (If you have any suggestions of spaces to rent/share/co-op in downtown Scranton, let us know. We're thinking about "going public")

  • Yes, we've backed off our Tuesday night conversations at Northern Light due to busy schedules
    (but please e-mail us if you want to meet up informally - we definitely will!)

  • We've had e-mail or personal contact with at least 4 new people in the last month
    (If you're one of those people, we hope we get to meet you soon!)

  • Yes, FreeSpace has been continuing
    (Our hope of having it the second Saturday of each month has been interrupted a bit, but it is still happening monthly. March's FreeSpace was great, and we had several people from outside our little community help. Thanks!)
Oh, and yes, I really need to update the website with all of this info. That takes a bit longer, and I've been swamped, stressed, and overwhelmed with my jobs lately. Hopefully I'll get to it by the middle of next week.

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