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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Homeless Awareness Week

Did you know that it is Homeless Awareness Week? It is: November 12-18. For more information, check out the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Participating in the mission of FreeSpace has hepled me tremendously in putting faces to the issue of homelessness and poverty. If you are interested in meeting people, talking with them, sharing stories with them, watching movies with them, just BEING with them, you are always invited to join us when we hold FreeSpace, an afternoon of rest, relaxation, and recreation for the poor and homeless of Scranton. For more info, check out our website.

Thanks to Cool People Care for the notice about Homeless Awareness Week. Cool People Care is an online initiative based in Nashville to help people find simple ways of engaging the world to make a difference. They have a feature on their website called 5 Minutes of Caring, which offers nearly daily suggestions of ways you can care for the world around you. I've added their RSS feed to my feed reader. It's a great way to include some direction towards compassion into your day. If you don't like RSS syndication or don't get what it is, you can also register and receive the 5 Minutes of Caring via e-mail. How simple is that?

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