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Monday, September 18, 2006

Student Cafe Conversation

This Tuesday, September 19, Peacemeal will be hosting our first "Student Cafe Conversation." Every third Tuesday of the month members of Peacemeal (for more about who Peacemeal is see this description from our website) will be gathering with students from the area at Northern Light from 8-10pm for conversation around theological topics. The conversations will be led by Scott Bader-Saye, a theology professor at the University of Scranton.

Our topic this month is "Faith and Culture" -- how can Christians live faithfully in postmodern culture? can we connect our faith with culture or is culture something to avoid? can we find God in culture (and not just in church)? how can students live their faith in a complex culture that offers both gifts and dangers?

If you are a college student in the Scranton area -- at the University of Scranton, Marywood, Lackawanna College, Penn State Worthington, Keystone, etc. -- please join us for conversation.

We seek to create a context for open, thoughtful exchange about matters of life and faith. We think asking good questions is just as important as finding answers. We welcome your presence and your ideas, even those that are unconventional!

We hope you will join us.

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