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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Advent Antiphons: Day 1

The Advent antiphons are ancient prayers traditionally used in the days between December 17 and 23. I'll be sending these out via e-mail and posting them here, one per day, from now through the 23rd to help guide us to Christmas and to hopefully give us a sense of presence with each other in community even as we pray them on our own in different places. The short prayer ends with a verse of the popular Advent hymn, "O come, O come, Immanuel," which is based upon the antiphon prayers. Feel free to sing it as a conclusion to the prayer. I am using the antiphons as written in the Northumbria Community's "Celtic Daily Prayer" book.

Antiphon I (December 17)
O Wisdom,
You come forth from the mouth of the Most High.
You fill the universe and hold all things together
in a strong yet gentle manner.
O come to teach us the way of truth.

(verse) O come, O come, Thou wisdom from above;
the universe sustaining with Thy love.
Thou springest forth from the Almighty's mouth.
Subdue us now, and lead us in Thy truth.

(chorus) Rejoice! Rejoice! Immanuel
shall come to thee, O Israel


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