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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Peacemeal: Retreat and Re:vision

Below is the copy from an e-mail that went out Tuesday night to people connected to our community. It is in anticipation of this weekend's retreat, Peacemeal's first as a community. We are in an exciting time of transition and will be working together (and by together, I mean with each other and the Holy Spirit) to vision the next leg of the journey.

This morning via e-mail I contacted about 20 different people and communities who have been an inspiration to myself or others in Peacemeal, asking them to pray for us as we spend this time together. The response has been great so far.

So I'm extending that invitation to you, whoever you might be, that you would pray for us this weekend. It would be wonderful if you'd leave a comment for us here on the blog to let us know who you are, what church or community you are a part of, and feel free to include an inspiring word, a joke, a challenge, a limerick, or any kind of general hijinx to get us going!

Thanks, and may the Peace of the Lord be with you. Christ is Risen!

    Hi Everyone,

    We are excited about this weekend's retreat! We would like to ask you to begin praying about our time together. We want to share with you that we feel Peacemeal is at a crossroads, ready to move into a new phase. Having journeyed this far with joy and excitement, we believe God is calling us to envision a fresh future for our life and mission together.

    This Easter season of new life and resurrection provides an exciting opportunity to reimagine Peacemeal. All options are open; whatever we dream can be! Specifically, please begin to think and pray about what gifts and passions you have that bring you energy - what you are good at, what you enjoy, what you might contribute to our common life.

    For those of you who can't be with us, please pray for us as we will pray for you. We look forward to filling you in on our visioning process and finding a place for you to plug in. If you have a gift, passion, or vision for our future, feel free to let us know in advance of the weekend so that we can bring that to our discussion (or later as things come to you - Friday is not the deadline, the discussion will continue).

    Our hope is to revision Peacemeal based on the gifts, passions, and energy of the group; reimagining it as a truly ground-up, grassroots faith community. We believe that God has given us all that we need in order to fulfill God's calling for us.

    Demery will write tomorrow with details about the weekend: what to bring, directions, a timeline for the weekend, etc.

    Peace in Christ,

    Josh, Scott, & Demery


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