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Friday, March 31, 2006

Visual Prayer on Flickr

We have started a new form of prayer for our community as well as visitors to our blog and website to use. For now I'm calling it "Visual Prayer." It is a collection of images put together in a Flickr photo set, each accompanied by a short prayer in the description field. Scott had the idea of compiling images to aid us in prayer, and this is the result. I am finding it a powerful way to connect even more to the prayers that we offer to God. Being able to focus on someone or something's image while praying about them/it helps emblazen that prayer into my mind's eye.

Our hope is that this will encourage you and strengthen your prayer life. Please let us know what you think, if you have suggestions, or if you have a prayer you'd like added. I added the link to our sidebar as well as below (I recommend the slideshow):

Prayer set

Prayer set as a slideshow - to see the prayer written for the images during the slideshow, simply click on the photo. It will pause the show and bring up the photo's description, all without leaving the page. You can then click on "resume show" to continue.

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