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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Emergent Conversations

If you have not yet noticed, we have a link in our sidebar category of "local conversations" to the Scranton Cohort, which is our attempt to gather a diverse group of people for conversations about faith and the emerging church in Northeast PA. I'm excited to let everyone know that we have been added to the Emergent-US list of cohorts, and that addition was announced via Emergent Village's mass e-mail update called Emergent/C. The word is getting out, and I am excited about more people getting connected in the Scranton/NEPA area.

Also on the list of new cohorts, I was pleased to find that there is one now listed in the Lehigh Valley! They are working on their first gathering for conversation, and are hoping to plan it around Brian McLaren's free talk at Moravian Seminary on April 21, 2006. Jillian and I have signed up to go to the morning/early afternoon lecture as has Scott or Demery (one of them has to be with the kids). I'm hoping that now we'll also be able to meet the people putting together the LeHigh Valley cohort.

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