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Thursday, March 16, 2006

40 and "Run"

I just got an email back from Si Smith about his 40 illustrations of Jesus in the wilderness. He informed me that they are now available on CD for purchase from Revive, his community in Leeds. The CD contains the images as a 6 minute movie as well as a slide show. There are also about 4-5 original pieces of music from Revive on the CD. If you are interested, contact Si at The CD is $11 including shipping.

For those of you who saw my presentation at the clergy retreat (putting the 40 illustrations in a powerpoint slide show to "Run" by Snow Patrol), here's how I did it. The illustrations are available on the mayBe website. I copied them into a slide show, set "Run" to begin automatically on the first slide (the title slide "40") and to play through 44 slides. I set the slides to advance automatically every 7 seconds. Then, I adjusted illustrations 33-38 to advance after 6 seconds so that the temptation scenes occur during the guitar break and the angels appear just as they lyrics come back in softly with "light up, light up." It turned out to be quite powerful (though I discovered the timing by accident).

Thanks to Si for creating this great resource.

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Update: link to "40" on the mayBe website is fixed - JF


At Sat Mar 18, 09:56:00 AM GMT-5, Anonymous Dan O said...

WOW, I compiled the slideshow to Snow Patrol (great song by the way) and it is amazing. Really moving and I love how the temptation for Jesus is a mirror image of himself.

(I think the mayBe link is broken)

At Sat Mar 18, 11:25:00 AM GMT-5, Blogger Josh Frank said...


I fixed the link.



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