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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Coffee Talk

Our Stammtisch last night at Northern Light was really interesting (missed out on what the heck this Stammtisch thing is? Read this post). Dan, Clare, Jillian, and myself were the people from our little community, and we were joined, some by invitation, but mostly by "coincidence," by several others. I think the group swelled to about 9 people before all was said and done. There were times when 3 or 4 conversations were happening at once. We ran into several people from Marywood, which has rarely happened to me while sipping a cup o' joe at Northern Light.

I'd like to personally give a shout-out (man, I'm so not hip!) to Bill and Matt. They happened to come in to Northern Light and join us. Matt (and Bill, too, I think) knows Clare and I've met them both on occassion. We had a great time talking, and Clare and I enjoyed the task of answering their question about how we all know each other. This led to some direct talk about Peacemeal, what we're about, how we started, who we are open to (anyone!), etc...Hopefully between Clare and I we made some sense. Of course, I probably rambled on and on. But it was great sharing with some new people a bit about our little community. What is even greater is being ASKED by others what we're all about. It makes it much more like a conversation and much less like an effort to proselytize.

So, here's to Stammtisch! Speaking of which, we're probably going to re-name our weekly hang-out time to something more accessible.

I've offered up "Brews and Beans." What do you think?

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